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A small application makes it easy for developers to create their own integrations without relying on third parties. We are tiny; less than 8K lines of code!
User friendly and modern interface ensures our users stay happy. Minimal configuration overhead and works both on windows and linux, even inside a docker container.
Zapperfly is fast! We use hazelcast for clustering and store all build logs in memory. Scales to hundreds of nodes without issues.
Build scheduling over multiple hosts
Real time log monitoring
Run builds within docker containers
Tune workload per instance
Role based authentication
Easy plugin system for integrations
Plugin: Jira update build status
Plugin: stash webhook receiver
Plugin: github webhook receiver
SVG build status badge

Zapperfly aims to be a minimal bootstrap platform for creating a set of distributed build servers. This means that we encourage our users to create their own modifications and plugins. The plugins provided can be used as an example for developing new plugins.


Setting up your own cluster is easy, simply start the application with,

java -jar zapperfly.jar --website

This starts the server with the management website enabled and the default cluster group.


Available on the docker hub, please find instructions there.

Please contact me if you have any questions, feedback, feature requests.. or anything else really.